Ansätze zur Klonerkennung

An Evaluation of Clone Detection Techniques for Identifying Crosscutting Concerns
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Aspect Mining Using Clone Class Metrics
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Clone Detection Using Abstract Syntax Trees
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Clone detection via structural abstraction
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Duplicate code detection using anti-unification
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Identifying Similar Code with Program Dependence Graphs
Jens Krinke (2001)

Using slicing to identify duplication in source code
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Werkzeuge zur Klonerkennung

CCFinder: A Multi-Linguistic Token-based Code Clone Detection System for Large Scale Source Code
Toshihiro Kamiya and Shinji Kusumoto and Katsuro Inoue (2002)

CP-Miner: Finding Copy-Paste and Related Bugs in Large-Scale Software Code
Zhenmin Li and Shan Lu and Suvda Myagmar and Yuanyuan Zhou (2006)